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Red Clipper
Red Clipper
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Being without a good pocket knife is like leaving my left hand at home. People who don’t carry knives just don’t get it until they try to cut open a package with a ball point pen or pair of sissors. It’s not unusual to hear “Hey Reid, can you open this for me?”

I find it inconvenient to have to dig thru my pockets; past the keys, lighter, loose change and lint to find my pocket knife whenever I need it. Most likely almost everyone else does as well, which explains the popularity of pocket clip knives.

They work fine, but they’re usually a single bladed lockback with some sort of tactical look about them; not the best choice when you’re going to use the knife in the office surrounded by people who just aren’t knifenuts.

That’s why I invented the Sharpshooter Sheath Systems Clipper. Now I can carry a SAK Soldier in my pocket, enjoy the benefit of the screwdriver, awl, bottle opener, and can opener, and not have to contend with everything else in my pocket.

The clipper attaches to the top of my pocket with a Kydex Clip that won’t eat up my pants. The knife is hanging inside my pocket where it won’t fill up with lint, dust and dirt. Click here to see how it hangs inside your pocket. And here to see it in use.

Getting my knife is a simple matter of pulling on the clip and withdrawing the knife and sheath ready to open a bottle of soda, or cut open a box.

The Clipper is also an ideal way to carry a small fixed blade knife if that’s what you prefer. Small, simple, lightweight and so comfortable you won't even know it's there.

People snicker at the idea; until they try one. It’s the handiest way of carrying a pocket knife since the invention of…. well I guess, the pocket.