ParaMilitary Hugger
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Bali Hugger
Some folks like to carry their knife horizontally on their belt, this method of carry provides easy access to your knife when sitting or standing.

"The Hugger" is Sharpshooter Sheath Systems' solution to this need. The sheath is perfectly molded to your knife; holding it securely while providing fast, easy access regardless of your position. You simply clip "The Hugger" to your belt from the bottom, the molded clip has a shelf that securely locks it to your belt but can still be quickly taken off when you need to.

Since the top of the sheath is closed, no dirt, dust or water will be trapped inside the sheath.

Drawing your knife is fast and easy, just pull it forward or pivot it down and the molded Kydex releases your knife into your hand, ready for whatever task is at hand.

Because the design and construction of "The Hugger" requires no additional hardware or loops, you are carrying your knife very close to your body actually less that 1/10th of an inch away from your belt; so it's not going to snag or catch when you wear a jacket.

"The Hugger" is designed for folding knives, small fixed blade knives and is a perfect way to carry a Balisong. Naturally it's available in all colors.