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Most Kydex sheaths are designed to be used with attaching hardware such as a Tek-Lok or Loop which is attached to the sheath with screws. A limit to this design is that the bottom of the guard or handle ends up at or above the top of your belt. This works well, and is the way my standard sheath is designed. A problem comes up when you want to carry a long knife or just want the handle a bit lower.

The Sharpshooter Sheath Systems "Integral" is custom molded to your knife with an integral belt loop which allows you to carry your knife lower on your belt with the bottom of the handle or guard is at the bottom of your belt. The loop is molded as an integral part of the sheath so you don't need any additional hardware; it's all one piece.

I can setup the sheath so that you can also attach hardware if you want to use the sheath on a pack when belt carry isn't convenient.

Since developing "The Integral" I've found myself remaking most of the sheaths for my own knives, it's that handy.